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Paul Potts carried 'Never Say Die' for inspiration

On a recent visit to the set of the movie of his life, Paul Potts revealed that he carries a copy of TREAT Trust Wales' founder, Melanie's, book with him for inspiration.

Paul carries Never Say Die for Inspiration, article from Western Mail The following extracts appeared in two articles from local press, the South Wales Evening Post and the Western Mail.

"When Potts called in on the One Chance set to chat to James Corden, who is playing him, the singer was carrying a book.

It was a copy of Never Say Die, the life story of Port Talbot girl Melanie Davies.

Mel was injured so badly in a motorcycle accident as a teenager she nearly died. But she survived and despite being confined to a wheelchair her cheerful disposition and positive attitude made her a real inspiration."

From The Western Mail, 30th October 2012.

"We all like getting lost in a good book, but singing star Paul Potts has revealed he carries one around for inspiration.

He's a patron of TREAT Trust Wales, a charity dreamt up by Mel Davies, formerly of Paul's adopted town of Port Talbot but now living near Pontardawe with husband, Mike....

Paul said: "I carry the book with me for inspiration."

Mel said: "Paul Potts epitomises the perfect charity patron. At every given opportunity he mentioned TREAT Trust Wales and our aspirations and always speaks eloquently accompanied by enormous enthusiasm. When he told me that he carried my autobiography Never Say Die with him for inspiration I was moved beyond words.

But when he said Never Say Die accompanied him on the set of One Chance, I was lost for words and that's unusual!" "

From The South Wales Evening Post, 30th October 2012.

Book is source of inspiration for star, article from South Wales Evening Post


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