Aims of the TREAT Trust Wales

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The TREAT Trust Wales User Surveys.

These surveys have been designed by one of TREAT’s trustees, Mr. Malcolm Lucas, Consultant Urologist at Morriston Hospital. They seek to collect information on which of the facilities TREAT is intending to provide will be of most interest to potential users.

There are two of them: -

•     the first is intended to obtain the views of general users of the proposed facilities at the TREAT Centre to be built at Morriston Hospital;

•     the second is intended for professional therapists who might be considering offering treatment sessions at TREAT.

We invite you to look at these surveys and complete the one you feel is appropriate to you using the links below.

The replies will be anonymous but they will provide valuable information for the TREAT Trust Board as plans for the content of the TREAT Centre are being progressed.

For Users: Click here to take the survey

For Therapists: Click here to take the survey

Thank you.